Dontae Rayford

He is currently employed as a vice president of business development at a venture-backed healthcare technology startup. January AI is a firm that specializes in tailored healthcare technology solutions. The organization is committed to health and wellbeing by assisting individuals in their efforts to enhance their own health. Dontae Rayford aims to inspire others to follow suit by developing fresh inventions and resources.
Work Experience
Dontae Rayford has extensive experience working in a variety of businesses. He served as a California State Assembly Fellow in 2007. As a legislative aide, he was responsible for conducting extensive research and negotiating with opposing legislators.
Later in his career, he worked as an AdWords Associate. He worked in this position for almost a year, providing customer and strategy assistance to small to medium-sized enterprises. He learned Google AdWords products and was responsible for account management and campaign optimization. He subsequently spent nearly a year as a Google Android Consumer Operations Strategist. Rayford oversaw Android Market-related initiatives, frequently assisting in the enhancement of the end user experience. He was responsible for phone support for Nexus One, Google's first direct-to-consumer device. This provided him with substantial expertise collaborating with third parties and partners to assist in the program's improvement and the delivery of outcomes to vendors.


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